Eye Exams

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Eye Exams

Eye Exams services offered in Washington Heights, New York, NY

Tatsiana Palavets, OD, and the team at VistaSite Vision Center in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan deliver comprehensive exams and screenings, along with personalized one-on-one care. During your eye exam, the team checks for a wide range of vision problems. If you need vision correction, you receive a customized prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses. To schedule your next eye exam, call the New York City office, or request an appointment online today.

Why do I need an eye exam?

Eye exams are essential for vision protection. Many eye problems can go unnoticed for months or years. Without treatment, these conditions can worsen. In some cases, you may even experience permanent vision loss. 

Your eye exam allows your provider to diagnose eye disease and other issues early on. Routine exams can help you avoid vision loss or other permanent effects.

It’s recommended that you have an eye exam every 1-2 years. If you have certain health conditions, you may need more frequent screenings. 

Who should get an eye exam?

Both children and adults should receive regular eye exams. VistaSite Vision Center is proud to provide primary eye care for your whole family. The staff works with patients of all ages and backgrounds.

If you’re unsure when to schedule your next exam, call the office today. The friendly office staff can help you arrange your next visit.

What happens during an eye exam?

During your eye exam, the team asks questions about your vision and reviews the medications you’re taking. Your provider then considers your lifestyle, medical history, and family history to determine which tests and screenings you need.

Next, your provider performs in-depth vision testing. First, your provider checks your visual acuity and peripheral vision. You also receive testing for refractive errors, such as nearsightedness. Your provider considers your test results and determines whether you need vision correction like glasses or contact lenses. 

Your exam also includes tests that measure your eye function. Your provider ensures that the structures in your eye work well and respond to light. During this part of the exam, you may receive special eye drops that dilate your eyes. Your provider also uses magnifying tools to look closely at your pupils and retinas.

What follow-up care is available?

If you need vision correction, your provider gives you a customized prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Your provider may also suggest LASIK surgery. This treatment can provide long-lasting vision correction. 

VistaSite Vision Center includes an on-site laboratory and a wide selection of glasses. Prescription sunglasses and specialized lenses are also available. 

If your exam reveals an eye disease, your provider creates a treatment plan. Some conditions, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration, need ongoing care. The VistaSite Vision Center team works with you to deliver the vision services you need. 

Ready to schedule your next eye exam? Call VistaSite Vision Center or request an appointment online today.